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I am General Manager at Voxburner, along with heading up the sales team. I am responsible for the strategy, brand & growth of our vision.

An avid gravy and scotch eggs fan, so much so, check out my blog… (plug!)

Rick is the person to speak to relating to all things Voxburner. If you want to say hello or discuss how best to thicken your gravy, email him on



I’m Head of Content at Voxburner and I create sparkling agendas for all our YMS events. I’m always on the hunt for great speakers to inspire our audience.

I have a two year old little boy. I haven’t slept in two years. Send coffee. Abandoned hobbies include going to the theatre and watching Spurs play.

If you are looking to speak at one of our YMS festivals or have any coffee suggestions email Olivia on



I’m your guy for sponsorship and partnership opportunities, helping agencies, media owners and martech companies find their next big-brand client at YMS.

Avid foodie (cooking and eating), as well as a qualified beach lifeguard and children's swimming instructor, so when not at work, you'll probably find me in the water.

If you would like to sponsor one of our YMS festivals or learn to swim, email




As Voxburner’s event coordinator. I organise everything from the chairs you sit on to the food you eat. I account manage with our fantastic sponsors & partners ensuring YMS runs smoothly for everyone all year round!

I love to travel and meet amazing new people! So far my adventures have taken me to Australia, New Zealand, all over America - not to forget sunny South Wales.

If you need any help with your YMS experience or think you love Wales as much as Tom, email him



I’m the Content and Insights Manager at Voxburner, which makes me our in-house expert on all things youth marketing. I manage our blog, Youth Trends mailer, and lead the digital marketing strategy for all our YMS events.

Before I joined Voxburner I worked for 8 years in the music industry and I have a big passion for pop music. Hit me up for the latest recommendations!

Jessica always loves to hear about the next big thing in teen culture or your latest Gen Z insights, so send your tips to




I’m the Art Director here at Voxburner. I help our talented team of designers deliver things to look, sound and feel good.

In my spare time you can find me teaching toddlers how to kick balls. I used to be a rapper and currently a wannabe world cinema aficionado.

If you want your child to be the next Ronaldo or have any artwork enquiries, I’m your man




I’m part of the Delegate Sales team at Voxburner. I handle all of our entertainment, fashion and retail brands across the YMS portfolio.

I won an egg and spoon race once.



I’m a part of the Delegate Sales team for YMS London, New York and Berlin. I make sure the A-list brands from around the world are under one roof.

I’m a keen reader and even had the chance to write and publish my own book at university.




There are many things that make working here rewarding, from our daily fruit bowl and weekly lunches to our on site gym, but we believe that a business is only as good as the people who work there - which is why we only hire great people! A great culture is incredibly important to us at Voxburner. Our values represent who we are and if you match these...