5 marketing newsletters that will make you obsessed with your inbox

Email newsletters are a great way to get inspired and keep up-to-date on the latest marketing news and trends. Once you’ve signed up to our weekly Youth Trends Update, here are five more marketing mailers you should be reading too.


Digital Kids Update

SuperAwesome, the company behind pre-teen social network PopJam, send out a weekly email with news and links related to the kids’ advertising industry. As founder Dylan Collins will be discussing at their upcoming YMS London panel, there’s a lot the youth marketing world can learn from these experts in ethical yet creative advertising. Subscribe.

Social Chain

YMS London partners Social Chain create one of the coolest and most interesting email newsletters we’ve seen from a digital marketing agency. It includes news and stats on social media usage, and the latest content from their Scribe blog. Showing just how forward-thinking they are, you can also opt to receive updates via WhatsApp. Subscribe

Seth Godin

Entrepreneur and marketing guru Seth Godin is the ultimate thought leader, and ensures his daily blog posts consistently reach a wide audience by offering the option to subscribe by email. The posts vary in length and subject matter, allowing the reader to feel they’re getting a genuine insight into his mind and latest ideas and opinions. Subscribe

The Middle Finger Project

Ash Ambirge is also an entrepreneurial influencer but her style couldn’t be much more different to Seth’s. She’s known for her sarcastic, personality-filled blog posts which inspire businesswomen (and men) to be “unf*ckwithable.” She offers great advice for small companies and started an online support group for women in business. Subscribe

Thinking Clearly

Marketing advice doesn’t have to be heavy-handed. A simple, friendly approach helps some people feel more at ease and able to think clearly, as is the focus of Mathias Jakobsen’s handwritten newsletter. The Danish cartoonist shares his thoughts on subjects such as developing new skills and how to approach meetings. Subscribe


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