Voxburner's top tips for exhibiting at YMS

YMS London 2018 is on its way this March, and with it your chance to reach the most influential names in the youth marketing industry. YMS London is attended by smart, ambitious marketing professionals, and exhibiting at the event is your opportunity to showcase your product or service to this valuable audience. Here are our top tips for how you can make the most of it.


Be prepared

Your stand is your exclusive meeting space. If you have access, make use of the pre-event attendee list and your own marketing communication channels, such as email and social media, to schedule meetings in advance. The number of meetings you are able to schedule and have at your stand is essential. Most decision-makers have their schedule full with exhibitor meetings and conference sessions at YMS.

Bring some treats

It’s a good idea to offer beverages and snacks during the day, as YMS London is very busy and exhausting. Your meetings and staff will appreciate refreshments at your stand to maintain their energy level, and it’s a great way to attract more delegates to come and chat to you.

Stand out from the crowd

Get in touch with us to find out about additional advertising/sponsorship opportunities, which will ensure you are front of mind of attendees and drive traffic to your booth.

Get interactive

Augmented reality, games, touch screens, treadmills, pressure plates, wind tunnels, water tanks, snow, ice… there is an infinite number of ways to bring your products to life. Give customers a reason to come to your stand and give them a reason to stay there. If your product has a USP, try to demonstrate it in the most engaging way that you can think of. As far as possible, try to recreate the environment the product will be used in so that customers can feel the end user benefits for themselves.


Be approachable

Train your team! Nothing is less appealing than walking up to a stand where all the team is nonchalantly staring into their stale cappuccinos, phones or laptops. Your staff should be friendly, helpful, and most importantly, approachable.

Follow up

It sounds so basic but it’s amazing how many sponsors fail to do this properly. Collect business cards and scan delegates using the scanning system if you have access. If you have a meeting, ensure that you follow it up after the event. Make sure that you take detailed notes on where the customer is from, what they were interested in, and any questions that they needed answers for. Get them onto the appropriate database for future communication and most importantly, do it all in a timely manner. The sooner you follow up with a professional and personalised call or email, the better the chances that you will close the sale.


Get more info on the agenda and speakers for YMS London 2018 here, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any sponsorship questions.