5 life-changing tools every youth marketer should be using

Have you ever discovered a new marketing tool which instantly made your life 100x easier? We can definitely relate. Here are five products and services that can help you achieve incredible results in your next youth marketing campaign.


Marin Software

Marin provide ad management software for cross-channel marketing, including search and social advertising. The American company helps brands to make the most of their advertising spend, and ensure they reach the most relevant audience possible.


Capitalise on the chatbot boom by creating your own branded bot for free via Chatfuel. The user-friendly web-based tool empowers businesses to create their own Facebook bots. Click here for some inspiring examples of brands using bots to engage the youth market.


Mailjet is a cloud-based email service provider that can be used to send marketing and transactional emails via your own website or CRM system. Based in Paris, their impressive list of clients include Microsoft, Product Hunt and Lyst.


Influencer marketplace Tailify connects brands directly with creators who can help them reach their target audience and create shareable content. The platform is ideal for launching a micro-influencer strategy as you can organise campaigns with many participants.


Useful for brands and publishers, Buzzsumo shows you the most shared content and influential social media users for any subject. It’s a great way to get audience insights, discover what’s trending, and find the most relevant influencers for your market.


Marin, Mailjet and Tailify are among the marketing experts speaking at our upcoming event, YMS London. Click here to find out more and get your tickets today.