Want to engage with youth? Rule number 1: know your audience

YMS19 LDN is fast approaching and with only a matter of weeks before the big event, this guest post from BAM Student Marketing gives you a sneak peek into what they have in store as our Agency Partner this year.

When a brand realises the potential of the youth market, it is tempting to throw their name into the competitive market in the hope of getting a slice of the action. While they may see some return, in order to maximise the potential from the Gen Z sector, a brand must first take the time to understand their audience. It is imperative for them to identify their current positioning, to understand what students want from them as a brand and to select the right media channels to execute their campaign for optimum results. 

The youth demographic are a lucrative market for many brands and if their strategies are based on stereotypes and what they “think” they know about students, an epic fail is heading their way. Students are an ever evolving segment of youth. They are more career oriented, they have more interest in life experiences, they are more savvy and are more interested in what is happening in our world than ever before. Students want to shop with brands they can relate to, brands that resonate with them and brands that have taken the time to truly understand them.

As a result, market insight is vital for any brand’s marketing strategy. There is no better advice or guidance available than from young people themselves. We see time and time again brands unearth a whole host of insight that they would have otherwise been unaware of by simply taking the time to talk to this switched on bunch, insight that leads to extremely successful campaigns within the market. 

PizzaExpress is a prime example of how important it is to plan an effective approach to the youth market. The 2018 PizzaExpress campaign, from research through to delivery and results, encompasses every essential element a brand needs to factor in when planning to target the youth market. 

Their student campaign shows the potential relationship and positive brand perception that marketers can create with the right message, offering and routes to market. 


PizzaExpress left a lasting impression on Freshers 2018. They dramatically increased their brand awareness and increased the desire for students to dine at their restaurant. At this year’s YMS LDN, Tim Bodenham, Founder of BAM Student Marketing, will take to the stage with PizzaExpress to reveal key insights, findings and results from this exemplary campaign. According to Tim:

“In a competitive market, it is imperative for brands who are looking to target youth for the first time, to take the time to truly understand their audience, to ensure their offering is right for the market and to understand their own brand positioning before any planning or promotion takes place.”


Tim will be presenting his session Taking Your First Slice - A PizzaExpress Journey Into The Student Market with PizzaExpress live on the main stage at YMS19 LDN on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at 10:40 AM.