Spectacular social media campaigns from the last year and their results

We are excited to be a partner of the Festival of Marketing which takes place on 11-12 November 2015. Ahead of the festival Marketing Week have produced a round-up  some of the best social media campaigns from last year and the impact they had on the brands that ran them.  


2014 was the FIFA World Cup and the first one in which social media played a truly significant part. Adidas wanted to make the most of that.

It partnered with We Are Social in a bid to become the most talked about brand during the event, and that is exactly what it managed to achieve.

Adidas travelled around the world creating video content for it’s ‘#allin or nothing’ campaign, shooting footage of star players to start building the story.

A team was also in Rio for the duration of the tournament to create content that could be shared in real time, and a live-streamed YouTube channel called The Dugout included guest appearances from the likes of David Beckham and Patrick Viera.

The results: 

  • 1.7m brand mentions on Twitter
  • 967,000 hashtag uses on Twitter
  • 32,000,000 views of its tournament content on YouTube
  • 246,000 subscribers added to our YouTube channel
  • 6m fans added to its global social channels

Red Bull

Red Bull partnered with Hollier in a bid to shed some light on one of the drink brand’s lesser-known properties: cliff diving.

Using influencer marketing, Red Bull partnered with three popular Instagram users who would not only be the ones to push the content out but also be the crew and camera people who made the content.

The three Instagramers captured 20,000 action shots and Red Bull used them to create a stop motion video of the Cliff Diving World Series.

One important element was the fact that none of the photos ever showed a completed dive, instead creating a teaser that drove people to the Red Bull website to watch the action in full.

The results: 

  • Press coverage in a number of popular titles, including The Telegraph, The Metro and The Mail Online.
  • 80m impressions
  • 7.8m reach
  • 100k visits to UK site

Benefit Cosmetics UK

To promote its POREfessional range, Benefit Cosmetics UK teamed up with 1,000 Heads to create a campaign that made use of the Twitter API to automatically deliver customised vouchers to users.

The API generated a reply to anyone who tweeted at Benefit Cosmetics using the hashtag #poreoclock.

Each reply included a unique voucher featuring the tweeter’s name and profile picture, which could be exchanged in-store for a free POREfessional sample.

The tweets were all collated in a digital hub, which also featured information about the campaign.

There was also a daily 4pm takeover of the Benefit Cosmetics UK website, where ‘Benefit Spy Gals’ would descend from the top of the screen and offer every visitor a code that could again be used to redeem a free sample.

People could also tweet to call the Benefit Spy Gals to their office by using the #poreoclock hashtag, and the ‘Gals’ would turn up with a range of POREfessional products.

The results: 

  • POREfessional sales increased 53% year-on-year
  • More than 14,500 uses of the #POREOCLOCK hashtag, resulting in a reach of 465m
  • 31,400 mentions of the brand (up 41% on previous month)
  • 4,700 expressions of love for the brand (up 69% on previous month)
  • More than 3,700 vouchers issued and redeemed
  • Benefits UK acquired over 22,000 new fans and followers in the space of one month
  • #poreoclock trended twice on Twitter.

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