Are 16-24s using Snapchat?

Fresh research to be launched at Youth Marketing Strategy will reveal current youth sentiment towards Snapchat.

A total of 1,544 UK 16-24s were recently surveyed and able to say whether they like, love, dislike or hate Snapchat – or whether they have no feeling towards the app.

Last year, when Snapchat was taking off, we asked young people about their usage. Back then they were mostly finding it an amusing novelty to play around with. They liked sending ‘saw this and thought of you’ type images and goofy faces to friends.

With news this week that more brands, including McDonald’s, are becoming involved in Snapchat we've taken another look at how our Voxburner Academy – an online focus group – is enjoying Snapchat.

Brand sentiment

In terms of quantitative results, our survey shows Snapchat sentiment is average for a social media brand. Around half (56%) score it positively with a ‘like’ or ‘love’. Sentiment is more positive among women, with 24% of females saying they love it, compared to 16% of males.

Snapchat’s combined negative score is 13%. Compared to other social media brands this is quite high and puts them behind only Instagram and Google Plus as ‘most hated’ on a list of 18 brands that includes Facebook and Twitter.

However as we have seen with brands like Red Bull and Jack Wills, hate is sometimes better than no feeling at all, particularly if it's offset by strong love. Snapchat's 'no feeling' score is 32%, the same as WhatsApp's (pre-Facebook acquisition) suggesting plenty are yet to experience the app.

Meanwhile here’s what our Academy is saying about their current engagement with the app.

Roseanna:  It's election time at uni at the moment and a few of the candidates have set up a Snapchat account as another way of canvassing potential voters. They're advertising it alongside their twitter and facebook accounts and seem to be using it a lot.

Jo H:  Never used it. I've been tempted a few times but what's the point when most people just screenshot what happens and uploads it to Facebook anyway?

Rachel B:  I used it quite a lot when it first came out, but the novelty seems to have worn off. I'll still send the odd thing here and there, but the text limitation started to get on my nerves, as did people sending a 'selfie' with exactly the same facial expression just different text. I'd much rather send a text and get a bit of conversation, but it was fun while it lasted!

Sean:  Use it sometimes to show people stuff but definitely less often than before.

Francesca:  I've only just started using it. It's great for sending free messages to my friends, especially those of them who live in America.

Emily G:  I like snapchat, it's easy and 'a picture is worth 1000 words' that's definitely true on some snapchats. The selfies can get a bit much but it's good for quick conversations.

Buffy:  I think Snapchat usage is definitely increasing. Some of my friends have whole conversations using it. It's great for sending pictures to friends when you don't have picture messages on your contract. Initially I thought it would just be full of men's, ah, members, but the only phallic incident I've received was just questionably arranged fruit and veg. Big thumbs up.

Cameron:   I've more or less stopped using it. Partly because I've changed phones and haven't downloaded it but mostly because now that people habitually screenshot them, I see no point in it.

Gaz:   I'm still quite a fan of Snapchat. It's good for keeping in touch with people from back home, even if it's just a silly picture every now and then.

Jess C:  I really like it, but I send them less now. I always like receiving the random snapshots of funny things in my pals' lives though, definitely cheers me randomly!