"Two is more powerful than one"

Why I believe brand partnerships are best placed to connect with a youth audience

On first impressions really connecting with the youth audience in a meaningful way can seem like an impossible challenge for today’s marketers. 16-24s are important, they are powerful, they are always connected, they change their mind frequently, they are demanding, they are so digitally savvy that it can be scary and above all else, they are smart, very smart.

Marketers need to raise their game; to think outside of their brands, their categories, their traditional marketing toolkits. You need to think differently. And brand partnerships is uniquely placed to help you get it right.

Why? Because two is more powerful than one. Because when you do brand partnerships well, you don’t start with a limited set of resources or a narrow category or brand specific insight. Because you have to start with what is important to your customer…not to you and your brand.

The starting point should be “what matters to this audience in life – what do they get up dreaming about and go to bed worrying about?” By understanding that and identifying the way your brand can address those bigger insights in an authentic way you can play a more meaningful role in young people’s lives. You can then identify and unite exactly the right brands to help you achieve your big ambitions.

Take our work with one of our key clients for example. Sport England were facing a big challenge. Only 12% of 14-17 year old girls are active. They needed to shift young women’s perceptions of sport, to make them consider it, try it and maybe even fall in love with it. We started off by understanding what was important to these young women in life and the passions that make them feel empowered and confident. Then we identified and united a powerful set of much loved brand partners (girl band Neon Jungle, MUA, boohoo.com, Batiste and Babyliss) to help Sport England present sport in a totally new way to these young women.

Bloomin Girls.jpg

We created the BloominGirls experiential and social campaign – presenting sport in their speak, in their style and in a totally fresh way – outside of the school environment, aligned to the passions that matter most to young women. By creating and delivering an incredible experience, we achieved the shift in perception and participation we were hoping to achieve.

To find out more and see more of our work please come and check out my session on Day 2 of Youth Marketing Strategy. I’ll be talking about O2 Priority, Sport England BloominGirls and a new top secret project we are working on.

Tamara Gillan, CEO and Founder, Cherry London www.cherrylondon.com