Q&A with Student Money Saver's Anthony Goldman

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We sat down with Student Money Saver's Anthony Goldman to talk about reaching out to the tricky market of 18-24 year old students. Read on for his insights: 

Student Money Saver has a HUGE following in the 18-24yo market, specifically with students. What are the three things SMS thinks a brand should do in order to reach out to this particular market on social media? 
Ideally you want to be funny, relatable and give them something more than your traditional offering. If you can create a campaign that isn't corporate and that offers them value above and beyond what they'd expect, you're on to a winner. 


What sets Student Money Saver apart from companies like UNIDAYS or Save the Student in terms of their marketing campaigns? 
We try and take a very bespoke approach to brand campaigns, whether it's a big corporate client or a small brand looking to launch, we'll always try new things and create a campaign that doesn't use standard formats. 


What was Student Money Saver's marketing highlight of 2015? 
Being the leading youth marketer for a film client and outperforming brands like Youtube and Buzzfeed for generating engagement around their film. 


What's next on the Student Money Saver agenda? Any interesting campaigns we need to keep any eye out for in 2016? 
We have a brand new mobile platform launching early this year, which will offer something not seen in the UK yet and will change the way students buy in store and online. Without giving away too much, we want to make the process of purchasing and receiving a student discount a lot cleaner, easier and transparent for both brands and students. 


What other youth brands do you admire when it comes to marketing to 16-24s? 
Buzzfeed and Vice are two that we particularly admire for doing only a few things, very well. Both brands really understand what their audience want and constantly evolve how they communicate this. 


And finally a few fun questions… 
What’s been the best moment of your career so far? 

A campaign we ran with Red Spotted Hanky Campaign undoubtedly had a huge impact on our presence amongst students. We had over 50,000 students sign up to us within a matter of days! 


Favourite app? Why? 
Hypit - It's another project our company has built, that allows you to share the things you love with your friends. 

Something few people know about you?
I used to run a local car washing business when I was at school!


What are you most looking forward to at YMS? 
Just getting to speak first hand to so many brands and individuals interested in the same market. 

Catch Anthony at Youth Marketing Strategy London 2016 next March, where he will be speaking alongside Cydney Haftel on 'How will youth marketers respond to increased programmatic buying in 2016?'

To find out more about Student Money Saver, head over to the Student Money Saver website.

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