The future of youth marketing according to Nomadness LLC's Jason Francis

Jason Francis is head of social media at Nomadness LLC the leading digital community for todays modern urban traveler. Here he talks about learnings in event management, the rise of Snapchat and his inspirations.

What are the most exciting projects that you have worked on recently? What were the outcomes and what are the learnings that would be interesting for our audience?
Most recently there has been event management with Nomadness. One of our largest annual events just took place in July, our Reunion Weekend which saw nearly 300 people converge on Atlanta, GA. The outcome was great and even with this being the 5th year you still learn how to fine tune things. The devil is in the details when it comes down to things like wiring, security or when a last minute cancellation occurs and you need to switch to plan B immediately. That lesson of expecting the unexpected is vital. This holds true as we go forward with some major events that will be launching soon.


What has most surprised you about the youth marketing landscape over the last year? Maybe it is a great campaign, maybe it is an uptake in certainly technology? A new cultural trend?
The rise of Snapchat among the youth is something I truly did not see coming. Even when I saw it and realized it's potential I thought it would be a slow burn. It operates so uniquely from the other social sites yet it appears that is what makes it special. It runs totally opposite of the other platforms. It's against the normal systems and that generally attracts the youthful early adapters. The continuing growth of image based communication is showing no signs of slowing up.


What do you see as the future of the youth marketing landscape over the next 12 months?
People are scrambling for the ideal attention grabber in a space where all time is valuable. It's no longer valued in minutes but in seconds. Brands will continue to try and insert themselves in the newest social spaces with the hope of genuine engagement and connection. Today's youth can spot an advertisement a mile away so it won't be easy. 


What brands do you most admire and why? Who do you think will win Voxburner’s Youth100 USA and why?
I'm a big fan of automotive brands like Mazda. I think their brand messaging is done very well. Also in the media industry the youth of Blavity is incredible. For Voxburners Youth 100 I feel it may be Snapchat showing dominance again. The platform is revolutionizing social media so much that it's even pushed Facebook/Instagram to add their own Snap inspired features.  I'm also curious where will rank.


What does the next year look like for you? Any exciting new campaigns or projects we can look out for?
Expect major announcements via Nomadness in the not too distant future. A number of independent projects coming from myself as well.


What are you most looking forward to at YMS NYC 2016
I really like being able connect with the youth in person. Many people are over looking that human to human element and you really don't get the full energy and passion through computer screens. I'm excited to see the new influencers in the industry.