5 startup superstars to see at YMS London 2018

The next YMS London conference is now just two months away, and we can’t wait to welcome some of the most inspiring startup founders and employees to the stage.

Arnold Ma, Qumin

The Chinese economy is growing faster than even the experts predicted, so any brand would be foolish not to have it at the top of their international expansion goals. However, with such a different language and culture, it’s difficult to know where to start. Founded by YMS speaker Arnold Ma, Qumin is the UK’s largest Chinese digital marketing agency, offering to bridge the gap between China and the UK and give British companies access to an audience of billions.

Charlie Gardener-Hill, The Tab

Charlie Gardener-Hill is COO of The Tab, the British media company that’s taking over the role of the traditional student newspaper. Nine years after it launched at the University of Cambridge, a mix of localised and teen-friendly content is posted daily on The Tab by a legion of student journalists and shared across social media. The company now has offices in the UK and US, and they now have a second brand, babe, aimed at a young female audience.

Livio Bisterzo, Hippeas

Since its launch in 2016, Hippeas has become one of the world’s fastest-growing snack food companies, with celebrity fans including Leonardo DiCaprio and a first year turnover of £3 million. CEO and founder Livio Bisterzo says their vision is “to lead the agenda for positive change in the food and drink industry.” Hippeas are organic chickpea puffs, high in protein and fibre - a healthy alternative to snacking on crisps or sweets.

Pip Jamieson, The Dots

One of the key trends in social media for 2018 is the business networking app, as startups aim to combine the perks of Tinder and LinkedIn. The Dots is an app specifically for the creative community, aiming to help businesses find talented freelancers and employees via recommendations and connections. Founded in 2014 by former MTV exec Pip Jamieson, the British startup recently raised £4 million from investors.

Tristan Thomas, Monzo

Not many people had heard of Monzo this time last year, but the online-only bank now has traditional financial institutions looking over their shoulders. The banking app appeals to Millennials with its simple approach to managing your finances that suits the young user’s digital lifestyle. Monzo’s word-of-mouth popularity made it one of the startup success stories of 2017, and the company’s Head of Marketing Tristan Thomas will be sharing his secrets at YMS.

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