Engage Youth Audiences With Your Most Powerful Channel

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As marketers it is very easy to get caught up in the latest hype, whether it be a shiny new channel with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, or the latest buzzword (you know the ones... leverage, Generation Z 😉 etc.), and forget all about the basics. The tactics and approaches to your brand communications make the difference to your marketing ROI. With email, it’s your open, click and conversion rate, as well as our deliverability metrics (ensuring your emails land safely in the inbox).

So, with this is mind, as smart marketers, what should you be focusing your time and effort on? Well, firstly you should be giving your customers, users and recipients exactly what they want, so they choose to engage with your brand and not one of your competitors. So what do Gen Z want from brand communications? Let’s find out by looking at some consumer trends, following a research study Mailjet conducted in March of this year with over 2000 respondents.


Communications that get to the point

Gen Z are a busy, easily distracted generation. They haven’t got time to look through your communications trying to guess what action you want them to perform (or at least, that’s what they like to make us think). 51% of consumers aged between 16 and 29 (some clinging onto the Gen Z title there 😉) want brand messaging that focuses on the product. So, if you’re trying to sell a product to them, focus your communication on the item and not on what inspired your latest collection.


A true connection

Gone are days where static images are enough, consumers want interactivity, they want to see to see your exotic holiday destination in a multi-dimensional way, they want brand communications that contain video. In fact, more than half (54%) like to see video incorporated in brand communications. However, they want pre-recorded videos and not live streams, as 19% find these frustrating. Also, when it comes to social, brand videos mixed in their feeds annoys 21%, which suggests that there is a time and a place for video, as well as a need to keep their private lives separate to their purchase desires.


Messaging that shows you care

Whatever your brands agenda is, consumers expect you to stay true to your brand values. Not only do they want you to be sustainable or to invest in your own foundation like Pret did, they want you to tell them about it. 34% want you to share your brand values with them, so that they can feel part of the epic journey.


So, who actually is meeting expectations?

Consumers think that the types of companies that get all this right the most are, firstly, tech brands (26%) like Apple and Google, followed by media brands (25%) like Netflix and Spotify, and in third place Grocery brands (23%). So, do your apps or your supermarket get it right?


FInally, which channels do they want to engage with you on?

Interestingly in consumers under the age of 29, 33% want to communicate with brands via private messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. However, it is not all about new communication channels: our old friend, email is still a firm favourite to be continue the dialog on, with 31% of Gen Z consumers considering it the channel with the most longevity over the next 10 years.

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So now you know: Gen Z want you to get to the point, create a true connection and show them you care about the wider world, just like the giants of the tech, media and grocery sectors do. They also want you to invest in new communications channels, like chatbots on Whatsapp as a brand channel, but not forget about those channels that have given you great ROI, like email.

Written by Josie Scotchmer, Marketing manager at Mailjet


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