Trend Alert: HQ Trivia


This is the first in a new series we’re launching here on the Voxburner blog, introducing you to the latest brands, products and services that are trending with 16-24s.

Those still mourning the loss of social network Vine earlier this year will be excited to hear that its creators are back with a brand new app that’s going just as viral as the videos Vine was famous for. Just four months after HQ Trivia launched on the iPhone app store, 300,000 people around the world are taking part in its live online game show every day.

The game challenges users to answer 12 multiple choice general knowledge questions correctly, in order to claim a portion of a cash prize, usually around $1000. Users must tune in at scheduled times during the day to take part, welcomed by comedian Scott Rogowsky, who hosts live from NYC. This creates an ‘appointment to view’ phenomenon that on-demand services like Netflix don’t offer, harking back to the days when a limited choice of TV channels created watercooler moments.

The app’s bright colours, spinning graphics and fast-moving chat box create an overwhelming sensory experience, reimagining the traditional TV game show for a new generation with an attention span of only 8 seconds. The company behind the app, Intermedia Labs, are currently looking for venture capital money, aiming for a $100 million valuation.

HQ Trivia has already entered the zeitgeist with press coverage from the New Yorker, NBC and Mashable, among others. With a much-anticipated Android launch on the horizon, families playing the game together over the Christmas holidays could be the tipping point that helps its creators reach their ambitious goal.

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