Redefining how brands speak to students

Student Money Saver will be exhibiting at YMS. Here, their founder Anthony Goldman shares his insights into the student market...

How has the student marketing landscape evolved over the past year? Have you seen a difference since the rise of uni fees?

This year more than previous years we've seen social media really push and redefine how brands speak to students. Students' online concentration for 'hard journalism' and traditional media is declining so video is becoming increasingly important for bands in order to engage this important demographic

We've seen a huge increase in students searching for retail discounts and shopping through our site, and with the tuition fees significantly rising it seems only natural that students have become even more conscious of how they spend their disposable income.

How do students differ from other segments of the youth market?

Students have more time and are more money conscious than other sectors of the youth market. They're also much more demanding and expect brands to go above and beyond for them.

What new types of creative content have really worked for the brands that you work with?

This year there has been a huge increase in demand for branded video, live broadcast and user generated content. This will only continue to grow and evolve this year.

And what marketing channels are most important for you right now?

All our channels and platforms are important, but the underlying brand message and supporting content is more important. Once brands nail this, all channels play a key part in amplifying that message.

What do you think the future shopping sphere looks like in terms of UK 16-24s? Will online trump offline?

High street retail is a slowly declining market. It's become easier for millennials to order something, test it out and then send it back if they don't like it.

The millennial generation have grown up with online shopping, and this will continue as new generations pick up on this trend and delivery methods become even more advanced. Traditional high street shopping will always exist but only for a specific purpose (special occasions, impulse buys and timely purchases).

And finally a few fun questions…

What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

Wouldn't say there is one single moment, but growing a brand from an idea on a piece of paper to what it is today has been an amazing journey.

Favourite app? Why?

Student Discount Plus. A new app on the market that promises to completely change the student discount model.

Something few people know about you?

I play the piano and completed my grade 8 at the age of 15!

What are you most looking forward to at YMS?

Hopefully getting to see Simon Eder in another velvet jacket!

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