Personalisation: A 2017 Mega Trend

Whilst researching YMS17 BLN this month Voxburner's Lara Piras delves into Personalisation, the impact this is having on our industry fashion to tech and everywhere in between.

Email Campaign: Sephora Beauty

Sephora are one of the most prominent youth beauty brands in the world, and are currently making millennials and Gen Z feel super special via personalised email campaigns. Here the beauty powerhouse uses collected data to create mail outs that showcase more than just a first name. There are personalised Birthday gifts, product suggestions and tips and even a ‘Restock Your Stash’ send that notifies the most loyal customers as to when they need to rejuvenate their Sephora supplies.

Bespoke Service: Ministry of Supply

Taking shoppers on a personalised journey from start to finish is Ministry of Supply, a mini chain of physical stores around the US where consumers can get creative and feel involved with the design process. Dubbed ‘Human Centered Design,’ it works as so; visitors choose a silhouette, fabric, thread, buttons and any other design notes they desire, and the garment is then 3D printed, eliminating time, middle-men and waste. Genius.

User Generated Content: Urban Outfitters  

Did you know (according to Mashable), UGC influences millennials 50% more than any other type of media? Creating a visual commerce gallery, as per Urban Outfitters is a surefire way to engage young generations who value and trust peer-to-peer content the most. And with rumours that Snapchat is about to release a whole new series of UGC campaigns, brands it’s time to jump onboard the UGC wagon, in your own way, that feels brilliantly authentic.