Trend Alert: Poke bowl


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Nope, this isn’t the Japanese version of the Super Bowl… in fact, it’s a Hawaiian dish that’s featured in every respectable list of food trends for 2018.

The poke bowl might be an intriguing treat for us Brits, but in Hawaii it’s just an everyday lunch or dinner, a simple local equivalent to sushi that has been a favourite on the tropical island for centuries. Pronounced “po-kay,” it describes cubed raw fish, seasoned to your tastes. Hawaiian supermarkets typically have a poke counter, while poke cafes have been popping up around the US in recent years.

Forbes cited the poke bowl as an example of the trend for tactile food, as the dish features a range of textures and colours, making for a unique and interesting culinary experience every time. It's a dish that appeals to both Millennials' love of food trends and Gen Z's health-conscious eating habits.There are only a handful of places to pick up a poke bowl in London so far, such as Island Poke and Ahi Poke in Soho, but the cuisine is expected to become much more popular in the coming months.

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Image courtesy of BBC Good Food.