Youth Marketing 101: What comes after Generation Z?

If your brand’s target audience includes teens you’ll already be familiar with the qualities and quirks of Generation Z, the group made up of anyone born after 1995. However, here at Voxburner we’re always thinking ahead.

As the oldest members of Gen Z reach adulthood and join the working world, another generation of kids are making their first consumer decisions. What will be unique about those born in the 2010s and 2020s, and what will they be called?


The question of what we call the next generation after Gen Z is a tricky one, for the most obvious reason that Z is the last letter of the alphabet. Could they be Generation AA or A1? Or perhaps we’ll throw out the letter system altogether and go for a more descriptive title?

Based on the results of a 2005 survey, futurist Mark McCrindle has put forward the idea of Generation Alpha, suggesting we could move onto the Greek alphabet now we’ve gone through the Latin one. The name Alpha is fitting as it denotes dominance - due to population growth, this generation is likely to become the largest in history, which will make them a powerful force once they come of age. McCrindle defines Gen Alpha as anyone born between 2010 and 2030, which means they are the first generation born wholly in the 21st century - another reason Alpha is fitting.


Like Gen Z, the following generation will grow up without ever knowing a world without the internet. They’re also likely to have experience of technology such as AI and virtual reality from a young age. Therefore, many other suggested names for this cohort relate to digital technology, such as Digital Natives, Gen Tech and Net Gen. However, it’s more difficult to choose a descriptive name for a generation at such an early stage. Considering the fast pace of technological and cultural change expected in the upcoming decades, we can’t yet be certain of the defining characteristics and experience of people coming of age during that time.

Thanks to coverage from media such as the New York Times and Business Insider, Generation Alpha is taking the lead as a popular and logical name for the generation after Gen Z. However, with 12 years’ worth of babies yet to be born, there’s plenty of time yet for new suggestions to take its place.

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