Trend Alert: Lickd

Trend Alert is a new series here on the Voxburner blog, introducing you to the latest brands, products and services that are trending with 16-24s.

One of the main ways that young people discover music today is through social influencers. This might be via personal recommendations, or from the soundtracks of videos on YouTube and Facebook. Most creators use royalty free music, not just because it’s free, but because they don’t risk their videos being taken down for copyright violation. Copyright is a complicated issue in the music industry with different licenses required for different territories, so there’s a clear need for someone to make it easy to licence music and pay royalties.

London-based company Lickd is aiming to become the go-to service for content creators who want a wider range of music, including familiar hits and tracks by cool up-and-coming artists. Currently they’re working with a number of independent labels, with hopes of signing up major labels Universal, Sony and Warner next. Universal recently signed a landmark deal with Facebook that will allow users to soundtrack videos with music from their catalogue, suggesting the labels have realised they’re missing out on potential revenue, and are ready to do something about it.

While Lickd will undoubtedly be hoping to sign up some big name influencers, their music licensing service has broad appeal, as its scaled fees make licensing affordable for those with a smaller following too. The fee is calculated based on the number of views per video on the user’s channel over the past 90 days. This means Lickd can not only allow artists to get their music heard by the Gen Z audience who loyally follow YouTube stars, but can also be used by those young people, who love to create their own online content and aspire to be the next social influencers.

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