8 mobile apps every teenager will be using by the end of 2018

Most British teenagers now own, or have access to, a smartphone, and they spend an average of 3 hours online per day. Rarely a week goes by without a new app going viral among this audience, which is always hungry for a new digital obsession.

Here are 8 apps we think every teenager will have on their phone by the end of the year.


Social network tbh hit the news in 2017 when it was purchased by Facebook. The app allows users to leave anonymous compliments for friends, with an aim to combat cyber bullying with positivity. As of October, it had 2.5 million daily users and had been downloaded over 5 million times.

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HQ Trivia

As profiled recently in our Trend Alert series, HQ Trivia is a live, interactive game show. It recently peaked at 1 million players and officially launched in the UK this month with a new British host. Users who answer 12 questions correctly win a portion of a cash prize, worth thousands of dollars or pounds.

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Show My Homework

This fast-growing edtech app is now used by over 1500 schools to keep pupils, parents and teacher in touch and up-to-date on homework assignments. Show My Homework replaces the homework book with something more appropriate for the social media age. Teachers can also use the app to create quizzes for students.

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Episode is an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ app that appeals to creative, imaginative teens. Tapping into the fanfiction trend, TV series Pretty Little Liars and movies Pitch Perfect and Mean Girls have been subjects of Episode spin-offs, while stars such as Demi Lovato and Kim Kardashian have similar role-playing apps.

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Currently trending on the UK app store is Sweatcoin, an app that incentivises users to exercise by offering points based on how many steps you take each day. Rewards include technology, health and fitness products. The app combines fitness trackers such as Fitbit with reward schemes like Swagbucks.

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The mindfulness trend is expected to continue into 2018, and with Gen Z showing an interest in a healthier lifestyle, apps like Headspace have unexpected youth appeal. Headspace teaches users to meditate, along with other methods of conquering stress and anxiety. Celebrity fans include Emma Watson.

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When teens are unable to meet up with friends in person, they simulate the experience with a group video call on the Houseparty app. It has 20 million users, and was described by Mashable as a challenger to Facebook and Snapchat. 60% of users are under 24, and they spend on average 51 minutes per day on the app.

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Role-playing game Roblox has been around since 2006, but it leapt ahead of its competition in 2016 when it became one of the first to adopt virtual reality technology. Around 10,000 people a week make use of Roblox’s VR compatibility. Many of the app’s young users create their own games on the platform, learning useful development skills.

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