Trend Alert: Tandem

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Online-only bank Monzo (who’ll be participating in our upcoming event YMS London) was one of the biggest startup success stories of 2017. Now the attention is on other fintech startups that could have the same Millennial appeal in 2018. One new business being tipped for the top is Tandem.

Tandem appeals to young professionals and tech-savvy types who value transparency and time-saving innovations. They use data analysis to empower their users to better manage their finances and find ways to save money, for example highlighting bills they need to pay, advising how much spending money they’ll have left to play with, and recommending account changes when they could get a better deal. Tandem also has similar customer incentives to Monzo, such as offering a credit card with no overseas fees.

Monzo’s youth appeal came not only from its products, which were simple to use and offered relevant benefits, but its effective marketing strategy. Tandem’s stylish, colourful website clearly positions the company in a similar way, and like Monzo, social proof is a big part of their sales technique. The Tandem website informs its visitors that over 30,000 people have already pre-registered for the service, which is currently in a beta phase. After acquiring Harrods Bank in December 2017, the company now has its banking licence, and is getting ready for a big year ahead.


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