Trend Alert: Popsockets

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No grandma, this is not what happens when you exercise too enthusiastically.

A PopSocket is a handy smartphone accessory with many uses. By attaching this small, round gadget to the back of your phone or tablet, you can hold it more firmly (avoiding the dreaded cracked screen), tidy away your earbuds, and stand your device up to watch or film a video hands-free. But perhaps most importantly, it allows you to express your tastes and personality by choosing from a wide variety of designs. You can even design your own custom PopSocket or, to save money, create a DIY PopSocket at home.

The product was conceived in the US, and brought to the UK by companies including SWAG Distribution, whose website offers a colourful array of PopSockets. These include officially licensed PopSockets from brands and franchises such as Harry Potter, Suicide Squad and Justice League. There are even PopSocket collections designed by social media influencers, such as YouTubers Aspyn Ovard and Andrea Russett. Teen favourite app also has its own official range.

Individuality is a word often associated with Gen Z, and many of their favourite apps, included, allow them to express themselves very easily. No special talent or skills are required to create something fun on, and the same goes for PopSockets. Like choosing a quirky phone case, or adding stickers to an Instagram photo, PopSockets make individuality accessible to everyone.


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