Trend Alert: We Counter Hate

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AI is the biggest digital marketing trend of the year, with every brand thinking about how they can use technology such as chatbots and voice recognition to promote their latest product. However, there are also many ways to use AI for social good, for example the We Counter Hate campaign by digital agency Possible.

Working with social media tool Spredfast, Possible set up a bot which detects tweets that appear to be hate speech. Human moderators then review the tweets and if they decide it is indeed a hateful message, a response is sent from @we_counter_hate: “This hate tweet is now being countered. Think twice before retweeting. For every retweet, a donation will be committed to a non-profit fighting for equality, inclusion, and diversity.”


While it’s down to Twitter themselves to determine whether a tweet should be deleted or a user banned from the service, the We Counter Hate initiative does what it can to prevent hate speech from reaching a wider audience. They also hope that their tweets will raise awareness of the impact of such messages to both the Twitter users they’re responding to and their followers. Many of the tweets the account replies to are subsequently deleted, and they receive very few retweets.

Research has shown that Gen Z and Millennials prefer to buy from companies that stand for the same issues as them, with causes they are most passionate about including sexism, racism and LGBT rights. Launching or supporting initiatives such as We Counter Hate are smart ways to demonstrate that your company values are not just words, but actions.


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