Research on their terms - how OnePulse is redefining youth marketing

Achim Schauerte, Chief Strategy Officer at OnePulse

"Youth is wasted on the young.” Was it Oscar Wilde or George Bernard Shaw who said it first? It doesn’t really matter, but both were able to highlight a universal truth. Growing older means that simple things are harder to do and enjoy, while young people can’t fully appreciate them.

Technology is just one of those things. Young people have the world at their fingertips and can take this for granted, while the older generation progressively feel out of touch in a fast-changing world. The area where this becomes most obvious is the way in which young people consume, interact and share media.

This generational gap often makes it hard for older and younger people to understand each other. Brands and companies spend billions each year on researching young audiences. To better understand them. To engage with them. To market to them. You might argue that a lot of that research budget is wasted as well. Wasted by trying to get researchers and the people they’re trying to understand better onto the same cultural page…

Whilst there has been a lot of backlash and criticism over the potentially addictive and poisonous nature of social media lately (and rightly so), it is impossible to ignore that this is what young people have grown up with. It is hardwired into their brains. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that existing social media platforms are the best forum for research to take place. Just 17% of young people told us that their online presence is an accurate reflection of their true self.

When you want to better understand young people, your best bet is to do it in a way that suits them with research that takes cues from social media and engages young people the way they engage with each other. OnePulse is the only tool that does this, because it wasn’t developed from a research perspective, but from a user perspective.

We constantly engage with our audience to learn more about ourselves. In a Pulse we ran this morning, 98% of our community said “I can be completely honest on OnePulse.” Asking them about the 3 words that best describe OnePulse, we were quite happy seeing the results come in.

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‘Fun, rewarding, informative, interesting.’ Here are five simple ways we make it that way:

1) Democratisation

Social media gives everyone a voice, although the few with the largest number of followers will always be louder than the many. On OnePulse every user has a voice and each opinion is counted equally.

2) Community

We care about how we build and nurture our native communities, making them feel like part of the discourse, carrying conversations from the app through to our social channels on Facebook and Instagram.

3) Gamification

Like all the best social media channels, we focus on a simple user experience that lets users share their thoughts and see how their opinions compare to others’. Added gamified elements like XP, leaderboards and cash rewards keep the experience fun and rewarding.

4) Snackability

Flicking through the available Pulses on the OnePulse app can feel a lot like going through your Instagram. With attention spans at an all-time low, we recognise content needs to be short and snackable; each 3-question Pulse is the perfect length to keep users’ attention and ensure consistently valuable results at the other end.

5) On-demand

If there is one thing that has defined this generation, it’s instant gratification. The concept of linear TV, for example, has fallen completely out of place for them with the rise of Netflix and other on-demand, streaming services. As people gain more and more control over not only if but when they engage with content, for us it becomes increasingly about right-time, rather than real-time research.

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Using OnePulse, our community understands that they are part of research, but over 70% also think it is fun. In comparison to older demographics, the 16-24 year olds on our app put an even bigger emphasis on accessibility and the news factor of OnePulse.

We are quite happy with those results but we continue to improve OnePulse for our users.  And by doing that we enable businesses to get greater reach and insight by doing research on their audience’s terms. So make sure to not waste any more of your research budget: come and talk to us at stands 48 and 49 and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more!

Photo by Isaiah Rustad


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