10 questions that will be answered in Voxburner's Youth Trends Report 2018

YMS18 SFO is coming up this June in sunny San Francisco, and one of the highlights of the youth marketing festival will be the launch of our Youth Trends Report, available exclusively to YMS attendees.


Voxburner's Youth Trends Report 2018 reveals the results of our in-depth research into the views of 16-24s today, and the trends that are shaping their everyday experiences. We’re incredibly excited to share this year’s report. The wide range of subjects we’ve explored include emotive tech, attitudes towards sex, stores of the future, and mental health. Here at Voxburner, we don’t shy away from getting to the heart of the issues young people are most passionate about.


To give you a little taster of what to expect, here are 10 questions that will be answered in our 2018 Youth Trends Report.

  1. What does the new youth consumer look like in 2018?

  2. How can brands sensitively join the conversation on subjects such as anxiety and modern masculinity?

  3. What’s the next food trend after canned wine, rainbow bagels, and mermaid everything?

  4. How has Brexit affected young people’s perspective on London and the UK?

  5. Are 16-24s more excited or scared by emotive tech such as AI and VR?

  6. Which brands should we look to for inspiration on the personalised marketing trend?

  7. Smart mirrors, ibeacons, or just good service… what do young consumers want from the store of the future?

  8. How can ecommerce sites tailor their design to encourage more purchases from the youth market?

  9. What are the emerging Instagram tribes that you need to know about?

  10. How can your organisation succeed within the ever-competitive youth marketing sphere in 2018 and beyond?


If you’re attending YMS18 SFO, don’t forget to pick up your free copy of the Youth Trends Report. If not, get your tickets here to make sure you don’t miss out on the insights that will influence your youth marketing strategy for the year ahead.