Trend Alert: DoNotPay

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A young entrepreneur in the US has come up with a way to use AI to make legal information accessible to the masses, demonstrating how new technology can be used to disrupt traditional power structures.

20-year-old Stanford University student Joshua Browder launched DoNotPay in 2016 with a chatbot that helped people dispute parking tickets, which saved hundreds of thousands of users millions of dollars in fines. When the project went viral, he set his sights higher: The startup now offers over 1,000 different chatbots that help users in the US and UK to resolve everyday issues, from complaining about a landlord to requesting maternity leave. TIME magazine described DoNotPay as “the hero the world needs."

Launched earlier this month, DoNotPay’s latest innovation is a bot that won’t be welcomed by the travel industry. It enables users to save money on flights and hotel stays they have already booked, by detecting when prices go down and refunding and rebooking on their behalf. The bot scans terms and conditions of bookings to find legal loopholes which make this possible, which most travellers would not be able to achieve for themselves.

While most discussion around chatbots is focused on how brands can use them for marketing purposes, DoNotPay demonstrates a much more powerful way that the technology could transform society as we know it. It provides access to legal advice to anyone with an internet connection, democratising the legal system. It’s also an inspiring example of how idealistic, creative members of Gen Z can, and increasingly will, come up with innovations that can instantly overturn inequalities that have existed for centuries.


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