10 questions that will be answered at YMS18 LDN

This year’s YMS LDN is now less than a week away, which means it’s time to plan your schedule for the world’s largest youth marketing festival.


In addition to networking, masterclasses and the legendary YMS afterparty, we have the biggest brands in youth marketing coming to London to share their expertise just for you. Here is an exclusive taster of what you can expect from the panels and keynotes throughout the two-day event.

1. How can brands tell which influencers are truly influential? Tailify will dispel the biggest myths about influencer marketing.

2. How can you spot the brands that will challenge you in the marketplace before it’s too late? Attest will be sharing the secrets to brand intelligence.

3. How do Gen Z see themselves and their peers? Research Now will reveal the results of their latest survey.

4. How can brands make a real contribution to making teens’ lives better? Lizz Brocklesby will share the amazing impact of the Time To Change campaign.

5. How can established brands successfully rebrand for the Millennial market? Häagen-Dazs’s Senior Global Brand Manager Gini Sharvill will show us how they did it.

6. Why do so many brands fail to impress Gen Z? Innovative agency Social Chain will share their knowledge in their YMS keynote.

7. What do today’s students love about their favourite brands? Student Hut’s student panel will voice their opinions on this year’s hot topics.

8. How do young people’s attitudes to sex differ from previous generations? SCB Partners will share the stats that brands need to know before talking about sex to 16-24s.

9. What’s the secret to digital marketing success in China? Qumin will share their expertise on the world’s largest youth market.

10. What can brands across all industries learn from trends in gaming? Fnatic’s Head of Marketing has some surprising insights about the impact of gaming culture.


Check out the full agenda here and don’t forget to download the official YMS18 app to curate your own personalised schedule for the festival.