Trend Alert: The Light Phone

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Ever wished you could leave home without your smartphone, but been afraid of missing an urgent call? Two Brooklyn creatives have come up with a solution: The Light Phone. An antidote to tech products engineered to keep us hooked, The Light Phone is designed to be used as little as possible. Its creators believe the idea that being “connected” makes us happier is a myth.

The original Light Phone was launched in 2015 by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang. The pair met at a Google-funded startup incubator. Tasked with designing an app, they decided to rebel and create a product for people who want to escape their tech addition. The stylish, credit card-sized Light Phone is extremely simple. Its only function is making and receiving calls, and telling the time. It can be connected to the user’s smartphone and use their usual number, thanks to call forwarding. 10,000 people have bought a Light Phone so far.

After the concept became a viral success, Hollier and Tang began planning a second iteration of the design, taking on board user feedback to introduce new features, such as messaging and bluetooth. The Light Phone 2 is now funding on Indiegogo, where it has already raised 4x its goal thanks to over 3400 backers.

While the stereotype of young people suggests they are glued to their phones, Gen Z and Millennials are also health conscious and aware of the effects of staring at screens all day. There is a growing desire to take a break from addictive apps and social media, but this doesn’t sit well with a fear of missing out. The Light Phone responds to this concern, allowing its owner to take a digital detox while still being contactable in case of emergencies (or last minute party invites).


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