Trend Alert: Depop gets physical

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Depop is one of Gen Z’s favourite shopping apps, and has played a big role in the vintage sportswear trend that dominates today’s teen wardrobes. Not only has the fashion marketplace only ever existed online, but unlike eBay, Gumtree and other competitors, it is only available as an app. This makes the company’s decision to open its first brick and mortar store especially noteworthy.


Six years after the app was launched, the first physical Depop shop opened in Los Angeles last week. While traditional high street stores have their eyes on online shoppers, Depop is one of a growing number of digital brands venturing into the physical retail market. Earlier this year, Amazon caused a stir with their innovative take on the grocery store, Amazon Go, while another teen favourite Missguided is taking on the high street giants after years as an online-only destination.


One of the themes discussed in our 2018 Youth Trends Report is the store of the future. From Apple’s Town Square concept to Nike SoHo’s “multi-sport retail experience,” physical stores are no longer about selling products, but more about selling the brand itself. They are an exercise in experiential marketing. Depop’s Silver Lake space is just that - it encompasses a photo studio, office and community hub, in addition to showcasing a small, curated selection of items for sale. In fact, the project is not expected to make money at all.


Intrigued to see the futuristic store for yourself? If you’re not visiting LA any time soon, further locations are promised in London and New York later this year.


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Image courtesy of Uncover LA.