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Taking its name from the gender neutral pronoun preferred by many non-binary people, them. is an editorial site for a new generation of LGBTQ consumers. It is the first product of Condé Nast’s incubator program, which allows the media giant to experiment with new digital brands and concepts, that could become the Vogue or GQ of the future.

The launch of them. shows that Condé Nast is recognising the commercial value and influence of LGBTQ youth. This group is not only large, but impossible to quantity, as young people today consider their sexuality more fluid than previous generations. According to a 2016 survey, only 48% of Gen Z identifies as “completely heterosexual,” compared to 65% of Millennials. Over half of those surveyed said they know someone who goes by non-traditional gender pronouns, like “they/them.” This means that them.'s content is relevant to a much wider audience than older generations might expect.

The new site is the vision of Teen Vogue digital editorial director Phillip Picardi, who played an integral role in the rebranding of Teen Vogue that made it an inspiration for youth media around the world. The magazine and website added political and issues-based content to its mix of fashion and celebrity stories. Paired with a forward-thinking social media strategy, the fresh approach to teen publishing even got the attention of adult publications such as The Guardian and The Atlantic. Picardi combined his learnings from Teen Vogue with his interest in LGBTQ issues and culture to create them.

them. was launched in October 2017 with sponsors Burberry, Google, Lyft and GLAAD on board from the start, another sign that established brands are keen to appeal to the LGBTQ community and publicly demonstrate their support for relevant causes. The content is a mix of pop culture, politics and real life, with a lively, youthful tone, showing that the fun elements of gay culture can sit side-by-side with more serious topics.

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