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Not be confused with the vampire slayer of the same name, Buffy is the startup hoping to be the Casper of comforters (or duvets, to our British readers). The brand has been popping up all over Instagram in the past few months, thanks to a savvy social media strategy that positions their products as a Millennial must-have.

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Casper disrupted the mattress industry by targeting young professionals with a top quality product at a (relatively) affordable price, using marketing to emphasise the value of a good night’s sleep to people with busy lives. In a static market with no inspiring brands, it stood out a mile. Now, Buffy is aiming to apply a similar strategy to comforters. The comforter is a product that everyone owns and uses daily, but the current offering is functional and unexciting.

Aside from its light, temperature-regulating and non-allergenic design, Buffy also appeals to the ethical values of Millennial consumers. The product is vegan-friendly and sustainably produced, including a filling made from recycled plastic bottles and a cover made from natural eucalyptus fibers. Encouraging consumers to invest in a high quality comforter also reduces waste, as it needs to be replaced less frequently.

Buffy’s digital marketing emphasises its ethical qualities, alongside aspirational images of young women chilling at home in comfortable clothes, sharing a duvet. According to research by YMS18 LDN speakers Seed, 58% of young people say chilling at home is their favourite group activity, which makes a comforter the ultimate accessory.

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