Trend Alert: Quidd

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Did you collect stickers or trading cards as a kid? Maybe you spent your school breaktimes swapping Pokémon cards or football stickers? You might assume this pastime was a thing of the past, as young people today spend their time on video games and social media. But actually, there’s a huge market for digital collectibles, and Quidd is planning to cash in on the trend.

Quidd is a product for self-confessed geeks, with their website baring the slogan “Go ahead. Obsess.” and encouraging users to “embrace your inner geek.” They appeal to dedicated fandoms via licensing deals with popular franchises such as Marvel, Funko and Game of Thrones. Users can buy digital stickers, GIFs, trading cards and figures using Quidd coins, which can be earned by using the app, or purchased with real money.  Each item has its own serial number, with lower numbers being more rare and valuable. Quidd also has a social element, reflecting the fan communities that have always formed around collectibles.

Over 1 billion items have been bought on Quidd since launch, by more than three million users. The company raised $6.75 million in a seed round last March and another $13 million in November, led by Sequoia Capital. Its founders say their biggest user demographics are Gen Z and Millennials, the tech-savvy generations for whom investing in digital products is a part of life. They grew up with music downloads and streaming, video-on-demand services, and online role-playing games. In their eyes, there’s nothing strange about purchasing something you can’t physically hold in your hands.


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