Trend Alert: Players' Lounge

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Becoming a professional video game player is a dream career for many teenagers, and one that is increasingly viable thanks to the rise of eSports. The stars of the eSports scene are as idolised by their fans as footballers and film stars, and they earn large sums from prize funds and sponsorship deals. For example, the highest ranked player on multiplayer game Dota 2, Kuro Takhasomi (aka KuroKy) has won a total of $3.5 million.

Brooklyn-based startup Players’ Lounge gives every user the chance to win money from video games, by playing against friends or strangers via their online platform. Players are matched with others at a similar skill level, and compete on both console and online games, ranging from Fifa to Fortnite. The focus is on friendly wagers, and the maximum bet a user can make is $500.

Players’ Lounge started out as a meetup in New York bars, where Fifa players gathered to socialise over a game or two. In 2016 they launched their online platform, and have since received almost $400k in funding, including a stint in prestigious accelerator Y Combinator. In March, the company has reported impressive growth in profit, with a 100% increase in revenue month-on-month for the past four months, thanks to the addition of new titles to the service.

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