Trend Alert: Collusion by ASOS

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Already a firm favourite with the youth market, ASOS’s new Collusion line shows that Gen Z are front of mind for the fast-growing ecommerce business.

The collection, which launched this month, is a clear response to many of the trends that are transforming the fashion industry for the next generation. The retailer brought together a group of six young influencers, including a YouTuber, a student and a stylist, to create a line that is truly relevant to them and their peers. The result is 200 items which are gender-neutral, affordable, vibrant and eclectic, appealing to a generation that use fashion to experiment with their identity.

The six influencers are described as Collusion’s “founding members,” and ASOS says the group is set to grow each year, bringing in more young creatives to keep the clothing fresh and relevant. Collusion is not only a collection on the ASOS site but a brand in its own right, with its own website and Instagram. The marketing campaign for the launch focused on coming of age, with 100 diverse British 18-year-olds sharing their stories in short videos.

One of the most common pieces of advice that speakers give at our youth marketing festival YMS is that if you want to market to young people, you have to listen to them. With Collusion, ASOS have emphatically put this into action.

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