Trend Alert: For our Future’s Sake

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A group of students and young people from around the UK have come together to campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit. They believe the British public should get the chance to have their say on the Brexit deal, and their ultimate hope is that the original referendum results could still be overturned.

For our Future’s Sake (with the cheeky nickname of FFS) encourages students to start an FFS society at their university or college, write to their MP or donate to the campaign to help fund their plans. They also suggest students contact their local Labour party MPs to ask for their support in challenging the Conservative party’s plans.


70% of 18-24-year-olds voted to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum. Predictions that young people will each lose up to £108,000 in earnings by 2050 due to Brexit are bolstering concerns that the demographic who were most against leaving the EU will be worst affected by the decision, which is a key motivator for groups such as FFS to make their voices heard.

Not only does the FFS campaign give us an insight into the young people’s attitudes and concerns about Brexit, but it’s also a great reference for youth marketers. Their website has a cool, colourful design, while the copy is friendly and witty, yet direct and persuasive. It’s a great example of the creativity and passion that this generation brings when confronted with a task that truly matters to them.

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