Trend Alert: Fashion Nova

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Without a single catwalk show or magazine ad, Fashion Nova has become the biggest fashion brand on Instagram, with 14 million followers. It was also among the top five most searched fashion brands on Google in 2017, alongside Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, and Chanel, and grew 600% in that year alone.

Fashion Nova may sit alongside the leading designer names in Google’s search rankings, but they are their antithesis in every other way. Not only are most items priced under $50, but the retailer is known for their inclusive and body-positive styles. Their offering includes a plus size line catering for customers up to size 3X.

Founder Richard Saghian describes Fashion Nova as “ultra-fast fashion,” taking the model of the affordable, disposable clothing retailer to a new extreme. They release almost 1000 new products every week, mostly manufactured in their home city of Los Angeles, allowing the brand to respond quickly to trends. They cater to a consumer who feels they need a new outfit for every Instagram post. The business has been compared to fast-growing British online retailers Boohoo, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing.

Instagram has been central to Fashion Nova’s marketing strategy from the beginning. Although the brand had stores in LA malls since 2006, they didn’t launch their online store until 2016. By that time, there were already thousands of Instagram posts featuring customers showing off their latest Fashion Nova purchases. They have worked closely with influencers, most notably Cardi B and Kylie Jenner, who have been paid substantial sums to wear and tag products on Instagram. Cardi has been a particular champion, even mentioning the brand in her song “She Bad,” and it’s surely no coincidence that the brand’s rise has coincided with her own.

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