Trend Alert: T-Series

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This weekend, Swedish gaming influencer PewDiePie became the first to achieve 70 million subscribers on YouTube. However, there’s another channel close on his tail: Indian music and film production company T-Series. As of Monday November 12, they are roughly 500,000 behind, with 69.7 million subscribers. Due to the channel’s fast growth rate, they are anticipated to overtake the Swede within the next few months, ending his five-year reign as the king of YouTube.

The popularity of T-Series may come as a surprise to many in the West, where the brand is not well known, but it shows that youth marketers shouldn’t underestimate the value of emerging markets online. As we wrote in our guide to global social media trends earlier this year, India has the second largest number of internet users in the world (behind China). Additionally, since only 35% of the country’s population are online so far, this number is expected to increase significantly in the next few years as more rural areas gain access.

Many Western brands have preferred to focus their digital marketing efforts on local audiences, whose consumer habits are more familiar and relatable. However, T-Series is one of many examples showing why they can no longer afford to ignore the wider world, along with the rapid rise of Chinese app TikTok (aka Douyin), the massive presence of South American and Korean music on Spotify and YouTube, and more. Disregard these audiences at your own risk!

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