Trend Alert: GOAT

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Forget collecting records or action figures: the ultimate collectible item for young men today is sneakers. The fashion industry is increasingly seeing super-hyped launches of limited edition products by the biggest names in streetwear, from Adidas’ collaborations with Kanye West’s Yeezy label, to Nike’s prestigious Air Jordan line. Fans are desperate to get their hands (or feet, as the case may be) on these special shoes, and naturally that results in a thriving resale market.

GOAT is an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers and streetwear. The app and website are described by its American owners as “the largest and most accurate sneaker database.” The products on sale include rare, sought-after items as well as general releases, which means it has become a kind of library of new and classic designs, as fun for sportswear enthusiasts to browse as it is to buy. The website’s homepage features a trending section, combining the functionality of a social network with the content of an editorial site, with the added option to purchase the products featured.

The startup, named after the sporting phrase Greatest Of All Time, was founded in California in 2015. It has become a major player in the sports retail industry in an incredibly short time by capitalising on the reselling trend. GOAT’s founders say their aim was to bring trust and safety to sneaker reselling, legitimising a practice that already existed and giving it an online home. This month, it was announced that GOAT will merge with Flight Club, a consignment store and ecommerce site also focused on streetwear, and the combined company is now valued at $250 million.

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