Trend Alert: Vero

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Over the past few days, British social media app Vero has grown so fast that it’s struggling to cope with the influx of users. You might be wondering what new innovation or concept is left to make a social network stand out from the rest. In fact, Vero’s USP is that it’s not innovative or fresh: instead, its slogan is “true social” and it represents a return to a more traditional format that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have left behind.

A common complaint about the main social media platforms today is how their algorithm skews the content that the user sees, and makes it difficult for smaller accounts to get noticed. In recent years, each platform has moved away from its original chronological feed, instead giving more visibility to posts that already have engagement in the form of likes, shares and comments. This creates a divide where posts either have a huge reach, or almost none. It also means that brands feel forced to pay the platforms for visibility in the form of social media ads, so despite the user backlash, it’s easy to understand why this approach has become the norm.

Vero has capitalised on negativity towards the major players to create a buzz, but they have an uphill battle ahead. Their technical issues might be their biggest challenge right now, but in the coming weeks they will need to retain current users and convince many more to join in order to achieve critical mass and avoid becoming the next Peach. Vero has an interesting business model. Instead of making money from advertising, they are pitching a subscription model. However, in order to get users to sign up, the first million can join for free, and will never be charged. If the app becomes huge, their gamble could pay off big time. If not, they’ll have to choose between forgoing their values and accepting ads, or closing the app.


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