Dispelling myths about influencer marketing

Tailify joined us at YMS18 LDN to host our Influencer Stream. Hear what they have to say about influencer marketing and how to make the most out your brand's strategy.


If you work within marketing, you’ve probably heard a lot about influencer marketing over the last years. Some of you are most likely tired of hearing about it. Fake followers, influencers getting paid tremendous amounts and brands not disclosing their partnerships with influencers. We have all seen, heard or read about it.

Hence, most of us have created a perception of influencer marketing. But most of these perceptions are wrong. In order for influencer marketing to reach its full potential and to be done in the right way we need to erase these misconceptions. Our presentation below aims to dispel some of the most common myths facing the industry, so that you can avoid the pitfalls and do influencer marketing right.

It includes:

  • Why the size of an influencer’s following doesn’t matter.
  • How to spot fake followers.
  • How to follow the FTC and ASA guidelines and why it can lead to higher engagement.
  • Why you should give the influencers creative freedom.
  • Why only 43 people in the world drives 90% of the conversations about Harry Potter on social media, and how to find them.