Trend Alert: Hatch by Rovio

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According to media analysts, mobile gaming company Rovio has a make-or-break year ahead. The creators of Angry Birds haven’t had a major commercial hit for a while, but their new Netflix-style subscription service could be a (literal) game-changer.

Hatch is described as “the world’s first cloud gaming service for mobile.” By downloading just one app, subscribers can access a range of exclusive games. There are no in-app fees or time limits, and the games have been created by a community of over 100 developers and publishers from around the world. This is why Rovio sees Hatch as the Netflix of mobile gaming. The concept appeals to young smartphone owners, commonly torn between trying new apps and finding storage on their device.

Community is also a key part of the Hatch app, which encourages social gaming. Not only can users play against their friends, but they can also invite friends to view their game play. This reflects the ‘Let’s Play’ video trend that dominates gaming content on Twitch and YouTube. Users can share the best moments from their game play on social media, which incentivises them to play more often, in order to create those moments. This also generates word of mouth viral marketing for the app.


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