Trend Alert: Legally Black

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The recent #BlackHogwarts Twitter trend imagined what the Harry Potter movies would have been like if the characters had been portrayed by black actors. The tweets were a fun way to make what is in fact a very serious point about the underrepresentation of black people and other minorities in blockbuster movies, such as the Harry Potter series. A group of young British activists have taken the idea a step further by launching a campaign to raise awareness of the issue, called Legally Black.

Legally Black recreated posters for famous British films and TV series such as Harry Potter, The Inbetweeners and James Bond, with black people replacing the original actors. Subversive advertising organisation Special Patrol Group spotted the images online and, deciding they needed a wider audience, placed them in bus stop billboards around Brixton, South London. The campaign highlights that diverse representation is not just an issue in Hollywood. British film and TV companies have a chance to lead the way and set an example for the rest of the world. Photos of the posters quickly went viral on social media, and the campaign received press coverage from The Guardian, the BBC, Mashable and more.

Legally Black was created by a group of London teenagers, part of the local initiative The Advocacy Academy, which empowers young people to take action on causes they feel strongly about. Research by Wunderman in 2016 showed that 71% of Gen Z believe they can make a “big impact in the world.” They are optimistic that change is achievable, especially as they have grown up in a time when gay marriage has become legal and the US has had its first black president. Legally Black is a great example of young people using their creativity to highlight a problem which is very relevant and personal to them.


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