7 Silicon Valley startups every Millennial wants to work for

Working for a fast-growing, fun and friendly startup is a dream job for Millennials, who are typically ambitious, creative and tech-savvy. Every year thousands of young people move to San Francisco and the Bay Area to work in the Silicon Valley tech industry, which is one of the reasons why we are bringing America’s largest youth marketing festival to SFO this summer. Click here to find out more and get your Early Bird tickets today.

Here are some of the cool companies at the top of the list for every driven, idealistic Millennial looking for a great place to work.

Zume Pizza

Zume might be the most Silicon Valley restaurant in Silicon Valley. The pizza delivery company is constantly innovating, known for pioneering new technology including robot chefs and GPS ovens that ensure your pizza arrives fresh. They also support their staff with training initiatives to develop their skills. Read more.


Next time you Google something random that you’re really curious about, chances are you’ll end up on Quora, the online Q&A community filled with useful user-generated insights. Employees love working at Quora because it has a clear and positive mission, stable company growth, and great perks including free meals and treats.


Millennials who are excited by the future of transport and the idea of driverless cars will have their sights set on working at a company such as Drive.ai. The Mountain View startup creates the software used in autonomous vehicles. Founded by students of the Stanford University AI lab, working here puts you right at the heart of technological innovation.

Health IQ

Research shows that today’s young people want a job which enables them to do something good for the world. Health IQ’s mission is to improve global health literacy, using a simple quiz to educate people about ways to improve their health through fitness, nutrition and more. But of course, they do have a commercial goal at heart - they also sell life insurance.


One of the most talked-about companies in the world right now is bitcoin trading service Coinbase, and it still only has a few hundred employees. Millennials who are fascinated by cryptocurrencies and the intersection of finance and technology dream of working for a startup like Coinbase.


Doordash is a great place to work if you’re passionate about helping small businesses find their audience and survive against big corporations. The delivery service enables restaurants and retailers to offer a delivery service even if they can’t afford the extra staff, and provides them with the latest technology to keep it running smoothly.


San Francisco is a city with a history of activism and caring for the environment, especially with its beautiful natural surroundings, so it makes sense that car sharing app Getaround would make the city its base. The service is free to join and car rentals start at $5 an hour, making it accessible even to people who couldn’t afford their own car.

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