Trend Alert: ASOS x The Sims

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The Sims has launched a limited-edition mobile mini-game in partnership with fashion and beauty ecommerce brand ASOS. The game allows users to create virtual characters (“Sims”) and dress them in clothes based on real items from the ASOS collection. Players can then visit the ASOS site to buy the clothes they chose for their Sims. They can also enter their Sims into The ASOS Fashion Show, and receive a 20% discount just for taking part.

ASOS isn’t the first fashion retailer to use a partnership with a Gen Z-friendly mobile app to promote their products. Hollister recently teamed up with Bitmoji, which enables users to create personalised avatars and use them in messaging apps such as Snapchat (which acquired Bitmoji in 2016). Users can dress their avatars in clothes that are available to buy from Hollister’s current spring collection. The Sims has also partnered with other fashion brands in the past, such as H&M.

Mobile marketing is most important element of a youth marketing campaign today, as it’s the most effective way to reach this always-connected audience. On average, Gen Z check their smartphone every 3 minutes. By partnering with apps that are already present on the phones of a demographic that is young and creative, ASOS and Hollister are able to reach their target audience without relying on them to download their own branded app or visit their website.

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