From activism to ad blocking: 15 things we learned about Gen Z at YMS18 LDN

Last month we were joined by hundreds of the world's leading youth marketing experts at our biggest annual event, YMS LDN. The speakers across our keynotes, panels and masterclasses shared loads of fascinating facts. If you weren't able to scribble them all down, don't worry - we've collected some of the most interesting stats here for you.

  • 90% of UK students have taken some form of action for a cause they believe in - Seed/YouthSight

  • 1/5 of teenagers are so emotionally invested in social media that they will log on when they wake up during the night - Dr Heather Cleland Woods (via Social Chain)

  • 63% of Gen Z want to see real people representing brands, not just celebrities - Research Now SSI

  • 39% of students are considering being self-employed in the future - TSR Matters

  • 67% of Gen Z say they will never use the word failure to describe how they feel - Viacom International (via Social Chain)

  • 64% of Gen Z think ad blockers are a great idea - Research Now SSI

  • 94% of UK students think brands should be completely honest about their business practices - Seed/YouthSight

  • 66% of British youth expect next year to be better than the previous - InSites Consulting 2016 (via Social Chain)

  • 25% of Gen Z spend more than 30 hours on their phone per week - Research Now SSI

  • 1 in 10 young people will experience a mental health problem - Mental Health Foundation (via Time to Change)

  • 58% of UK students says chilling at home is their favourite activity to do with friends - Seed/YouthSight

  • 53% of girls aged 11-21 believe ‘people make them feel their looks are the most important thing about them’ - Girlguiding (via SCB Partners HAVAS)

  • 43% of 16-24s use an ad blocker on their main computer and 34% on their phone - Agenda21

  • 34% of students claim a sense of fulfilment is the most important factor when looking for employment - TSR Matters

  • 70% of Gen Z are positive they will get their dream career and simply ignore the economic crisis - Viacom International (via Social Chain)

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