Gen Z: Girl Talk

In the final part of a three-part series, YMS18 SFO partners Archrival reveal their insights on a new generation's forward-thinking attitude to gender.

Gen Zs are so over the equality conversation. Not because they don’t think that men and women should be equal, but because they can’t believe that we’re still talking about it. In an era when boys wear skirts, girls play football, and everyone knows someone who’s transitioning to another gender, the world isn’t so binary anymore. This complex approach to gender has given rise to an optimistic outlook:

Three-quarters of women globally (76%) feel that there has never been a better time to be a woman, according to a study by JWT.

Gen Z girls agree: 83% say, “It’s a good time to be a girl,” according to a national study sponsored by Archrival.


Given this shift, the “girl power” sloganeering favored by Gen Xers feels sorely outdated (and “the future is female” mantra will soon be antiquated too). Gen Zs demand to see action over words. Want to actually celebrate women? Hire them and pay them as much as their male counterparts. Make your leadership team 50% women. Provide fully paid parental leave. Promote the 14 million women who make up two-thirds of the low-wage workforce.


Zs want to see similar tenants employed beyond the workplace too, so that girls and women are paid and promoted. The manifestation of this can run the gamut. They’re looking to brands to sponsor athletic events for female-identified athletes, develop gender-fluid product lines, and launch co-creation platforms, such as School of Doodle, the free online school for girls that offers courses on creativity rather than calculus. In Zs’ minds, the gender paradigm has already shifted—it’s up to us to catch up.

Catch Archrival's Ben Harms speaking on The State of Youth Culture at our youth marketing festival YMS18 SFO this June.