Trend Alert: Rabbit Town

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A controversial attraction in Bandung, Indonesia, is being called “the world’s most Instagrammable museum.” Unlike the traditional art gallery, where quiet reflection and intelligent discussion are encouraged, Rabbit Town is more like a theme park. It’s the ultimate tourist destination for the experience-driven Millennial generation, always on the hunt for the perfect profile pic.

As young professionals are the generation that like to spend money on travel and days out with friends, their interest is key to keeping the museum industry alive. As such, many art museums and galleries have tailored their choice of exhibits to Millennial tastes. This means bringing in artworks that are fun, accessible and interactive, with an aesthetic appeal that’s ideal for Instagram. Just like the Instagrammable food trend, an added benefit is that every time someone shares a photo on social media, it’s free advertising. Social media posts are the most valuable endorsement for young consumers, who trust their friends and peers over any other influence.

Rabbit Town takes the accessible art trend a step further. It removes any pretence of cultural integrity, and allows its visitors to feel completely comfortable enjoying its colourful, cute and quirky exhibits. It also features a petting zoo, ballpit, and café, and holds events such as fashion markets and dance shows. However, the attraction has been accused of plagiarising the work of several famous artists, including Yayoi Kusama’s Obliteration Room (part of her hugely hyped Infinity Mirrors exhibit) and Chris Burden’s Urban Light.

While these accusations may put into question the future of Rabbit Town, the attraction inspires an interesting debate around the future of the art gallery and the definition of art itself. Are museum curators undermining the institutions they work for by chasing the Instagram crowd? Or are they making art exciting and accessible to a new generation who might not have otherwise entered this world?

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