Here's what went on at YMS18 SFO

We want to thank our speakers, partners and everyone who joined us yesterday for making our first ever YMS SFO a fantastic day. Here are our highlights from the day, and some exciting news about our next US festival.

Our 5 favourite moments from YMS18 SFO

1. Chegg's student panel told it like it is. They even shared some controversial opinions on some of the biggest youth brands of today... 👀
2. Archrival's keynote had the room ablaze with some amazing visuals and inspiring ideas 🔥
3. We kicked off the afternoon in the most Californian way possible: A mini meditation session from The Big Yogi 🙏
4. The most divisive moment of the day? When Gfycat asked the audience to vote on how to pronounce GIF. People get surprisingly passionate about this subject! 😬
5. We ended the day with networking drinks at a stunning bayside bar, winding down with friends old and new and celebrating another successful YMS 🎉

YMS18 in tweets

We compiled some of our favourite tweets from yesterday's festival in one handy Twitter Moment for you to relive all the best bits of YMS18 SFO...

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See you in New York!

Sad that YMS18 SFO is over? Why not join us on the East Coast this October for YMS18 NYC, with speakers including Coca Cola, Harper Collins, Converse and American Eagle. If you grab your tickets before the end of July you'll save 20% off the full price thanks to our current Early Bird Offer.