The new social media tools every youth marketer needs to try

Following on from our guide to the social platforms every youth brand should have a presence on, we’re highlighting the latest tools on those platforms that should be part of your youth marketing strategy for Q3 and beyond.


Brand Collabs Manager

Facebook have launched a search engine that helps marketers find creators and influencers to partner with on brand collaborations. Creators are listed in order of suitability for your project, based on the demographics of their audience. Each creator can provide a portfolio to showcase past sponsored content and pitch for opportunities.

Facebook Live Crossposting

Facebook Live can now be simultaneously streamed from multiple pages, allowing you to co-host a stream with another brand, creator or influencer. This is ideal for brand partnerships as a livestream can be shared directly with both your audience and your partner’s, with no need for sharing across pages.

Camera Effects Platform

You can now create your own camera effects, such as augmented reality experiences and bespoke frames, to be used across Facebook. The new Camera Effects Platform houses the AR Studio and Frame Studio, which have been used by brands such as Netflix and Disney to create fun branded personalisation for images and videos.



June’s big news in social media was the launch of IGTV, Instagram’s first foray into longer form video content. This provides many opportunities for brands to create deeper relationships with their Instagram followers, as well as attracting new followers. If successful, it could steal content and users away from YouTube.

Stories Highlights

Instagram ended 2017 with one of its biggest updates: Stories no longer have to disappear forever after 24 hours if you don’t want them to. You can feature your favourites in themed collections at the top of your profile. Brands have used this to showcase new collections, give popular content a bigger reach, and more.


Shoppable Stories and Lenses

One of the subjects Snapchat spoke about at YMS18 LDN was their increased ad opportunities, as they look to improve their relationships with brands. An exciting new offering is their shoppable stories and lenses, which enable advertisers to drive users directly to the products featured in their Snapchat content.


YouTube Premieres

The world’s largest video platform recently announced Premieres, a new way to turn a video release into an event. You can now schedule the release of a video and pre-announce it to your followers by creating a premiere page, where users can chat (similar to the chat function on YouTube live streams) and await the release together.

Which social media tools are you using the most? Send us your tips via Twitter, and join us at YMS19 LDN in April for more youth marketing strategy.