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Instagram beauty blog Gelcream is disrupting the fashion industry by doing something that really shouldn’t seem so revolutionary: posting honest reviews. Each post is a simple, stylish image accompanied by a product review from a personal, well-informed perspective. The account was created by Russian-born Yana Sheptovetskaya, a former Vogue Fashion Editor, who sees it as a “magazine on Instagram.”

At 90,000 followers, Gelcream isn’t one of the biggest beauty accounts on Instagram, but it’s growing fast and has already made headlines on Refinery29, Grazia, Allure and more. Gelcream has attracted attention for taking a stand against the current trends of Instagram fashion and beauty blogs. The account’s bio proudly states that it contains “no ads, no sponsored content” and therefore has “total freedom.”

Earlier this summer, Gelcream caused controversy by posting a negative review of a KKW (Kim Kardashian West) fragrance. Kim’s hairstylist and close friend Jen Atkin responded angrily but Yana’s followers defended her right to voice her opinion. Gelcream may have ruffled feathers in the beauty industry, but it is seen as refreshing by consumers who are tired of biased posts by influencers and bloggers incentivised to be positive about the brands they feature.

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Yana’s background in print journalism means she comes from a side of the fashion industry that values integrity, and her current role as sales director at a clothing brand means she doesn’t rely on Gelcream as an income source. Other up-and-coming beauty bloggers may feel they can’t afford to uphold the same level of integrity if they want to turn their passion into a career, and the temptation to “sell out” is understandable. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to sycophantic content that isn’t interesting or useful.

In a world of fake news and filters, Millennials and Gen Z are looking for transparency and trustworthiness. This means the opinions of their family and friends are more likely to impact their purchasing decisions than those of the media or celebrities. However, Gelcream demonstrates how, by taking a more personal and honest approach, publishers and creators can gain the same level of trust and influence with young consumers.

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