Trend Alert: Alchemy 43

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Botox has traditionally been seen as an anti-ageing treatment associated with wealthy, middle-aged women, but thanks to Instagram-ready brands like Alchemy 43 and influencers such as the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, it’s quickly rising in popularity with Millennials and Gen Z.

Alchemy 43 is a growing chain of “aesthetics bars” in Beverly Hills, which offer microtreatments, which are minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, including Botox and other facial fillers like Juvederm. The company has a strong presence on Instagram, where they post images of stylish young women and encourage clients to post openly about their treatments using #A43LIFE. They use the account to promote preventative Botox treatments, which they say will reduce the effects of ageing in later life.

According to Alchemy 43, more than half of their customers are under 35, while cosmetic surgery review site RealSelf claims that 18-24 is the age group where interest in Botox is increasing the fastest. This reflects the normalisation of cosmetic treatments, and the effect of social media on young people’s body image. In a world of filters and airbrushing, Botox offers a way to reach the unrealistic levels of perfection that young women feel they are expected to achieve.

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